How long do finger tattoos last ?

Finger tattoos are becoming the new trend, with celebrities topping the list. Today, most celebrities are donning the style and bringing these tattoos to the limelight. If you are planning to get a finger tattoo, you must be very excited because these tattoos are incredible and grab the attention of everyone around you in no time. Often, they are placed on knuckles or the area between the fingers. However, one question keeps coming to mind; how long are these finger tattoos going to last, and what can be the solution to preventing them from fading. Usually, because of the placement, these tattoos cannot look fresh for a longer period. We use our hands every day and all the time, and as a result, these finger tattoos only last for a shorter period than expected. This article will discuss how long these tattoos stay fresh and what to do to keep them in shape for a long time.

1.How long do finger tattoos last on average

While these tattoos can fade and blur quickly that those located in other parts of the body, they can still last in a different form. However, they will need constant touch-ups to keep them looking nice and perfect. Finger tattoos can stay fresh and beautiful for as long as twelve months tops, but after this, they will need a touch-up to stay in the best condition. The advancement in ink used in tattooing has also helped finger tattoos to stay for long, looking all pretty. They can stay for years as long as they are not mistreated.

Once the tattoo begins to fade, it will continue fading and blurring unless touching up is done. Some people will commit to consistent ink sessions, and this keeps their tattoos last as long as those in other parts of the body. Although this will mean extra cost and in no time, the prices will go higher, meaning that you will have to spend some good money on a tattoo.

2.Do finger tattoos fade faster than those in other parts of the body

Our hands are overworked doing a lot of tasks every day. This is the primary reason why finger tattoos fade faster than those in other areas. Tasks like sweeping and washing can make the tattoos wear and tear fast. These continuous fingers and hands activities increase the rate at which the skin shades and regenerates in that area. As you lose skin, you will be losing ink along with it, and this is why these tattoos will fade fast.

The skin around the hands and finger usually makes it difficult for the tattoos on the finger to heal well. However, if you reduce the amount of tasks you do with your hands or do some minor changes, this can help extend the life of your finger tattoos.

Design of the tattoo impacts how long these tattoos on fingers can last. First, the skin in the fingers and hands is not as smooth as that in other parts; therefore, it is not easy to work with. Artists usually find it challenging to intricate ink and create complex designs on the fingers. Often, tattoo lines on fingers can be fuzzy, and the ink color can be less vivid. Ensure that the design you are getting should be simple to start with.

3.How can one extend the life of finger tattoos

Because these tattoos are located in the fingers, the aftercare process is usually essential. There are aftercare products one can purchase and use to maintain the tattoos. Sometimes following this aftercare is difficult but must be done until the ink is completely dry. Moreover, tattoo artists usually advise their clients after the service. The advice includes how to take care of the tattoo and help them stay longer. It is important to follow this advice carefully because this helps in promoting fast and healthy healing. Also, these tattoos require commitment and devotion to caring from the first day. Regardless, eventually, the tattoos will start fading, and this is inevitable. It is possible to delay this fading, though, by following some care routine. Below are some of the things you should do to extend the life of your finger tattoos.

Maintain cleanliness

Once you get your tattoos, it is recommended that you keep your hands clean and dry for about seven days. Although our hands are needed almost all the time, reducing the usage of hands can be a good idea when you get finger tattoos. Also, how we use the hands when the fingers are tattooed should change. One needs to be careful while doing tasks such as brushing or bathing. This will help in quick healing. Also, use antibacterial soaps for washing hands because they do not have chemicals.


Use a moisturizer a few weeks after getting the tattoos. This will keep your hands from drying and shedding. However, do not use a moisturizer that contains chemicals because this can fade the tattoos. Salve is the common moisturizer used because it is natural. This is created specifically for tattoos and to keep the tattoos from fading.

Do touch-ups

It is inevitable for your finger tattoo to begin fading, and therefore, it is essential to top up to keep them in shape for as long as you want. The longer you leave your tattoos without top up, the worse they will look. In the first year, your tattoos will look great, and therefore you don’t have to spend more money, but after a year, you need to keep topping up to keep them looking brand new. The how and when to top up will depend on the design and what your tattoo artist will tell you to do.

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